Have u seen a Chief Minister ?

Have you seen a Chief Minister sit in Economy Class? I have.

As Ning and I were lining up to board our flight to Penang on Wednesday afternoon,
I spotted a familiar face standing in front of us in the queue.
So I whispered to Ning.
Me: Look in front of us. It's Guan Eng.
Ning: Who?Me: YAB Mr. Lim Guan Eng, the Chief Minister of Penang.
Ning: No lah.
Me: Yes lah! I know how he looks lah. It's the CM lah.
Ning: Takkan CM jalan sorang sorang. If he's the CM, where's the bodyguards and the officers and the rombongan and kaum kerabat?
Me: Tak percaya? Watch and learn.So I walked up to Yang Amat Berhormat, introduced myself and asked to take a picture. He smiled and obliged.
YAB CM: Hey, I know you! You're Ning Baizura!
Ning: YAB Lim, good afternoon.YAB CM: Come, come, we take a picture. Vernon, here's my card. Email me the pictures OK.
Me: Definitely, sir.Ambik kau.
CM pun peminat katanya!

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