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IR. MALAYSIAN 2020 said...

HISTORY always teach us something,even though things had happened in the past.
MALAYSIA should make the subject of HISTORY or SEJARAH MANDATORY like in the USA,where even foreign students has to pass the subject in order to pass the exam, just like we impose a pass in BAHASA MALAYSIA and ENGLISH...!!!

There is NO question of Malay "fear"with regards to protecting one's interest in the country that one loves!!!If you read back HISTORY,the start of the Malays presence in Peninsula Malaya(or the Golden Peninsula,term by the Hindu Kingdom and the Chinese China,in 1000AD),was after Parameswara the Prince from Majapahit,Java landed in Muar,Johor in 1399/1400 AD(or earlier 1250AD?) and later established the Malay Sultanate of Malacca from 1400 to 1511.
From 1511 to 1951,Malaysia evolved from being ruled by the Portugese(from Portugal),the Dutch(from Holland),the British(from UK).Between the rule of the Dutch and the British,Malaysia was nearly ruled by the French,if not for the deals between the Dutch/British that resulted in the British taking Malaysia and the Dutch taking Indonesia.Then there was a short stint by the Japanese(1942-1945) and the failed attempts by the Communist(1946-1989)....These are HISTORICAL facts,which have already HAPPENED..!

From 1946 to 1955,the Malays again,rose from their awareness that they have to determine their FUTURE DESTINY,in taking care of Malaya,FOUGHT for Malaya's independence from the British rule.

Finally between 1955 to 1957,the British agreed,but on condition that the other races,the Chinese and the Indians,BROUGHT in by the British in the late 1890s,(to work in the rubber plantations & tin mines )are to be included in the INDEPENDENCE of Malaya process,whereby there were a few conditions;

like CITIZENSHIPS of those who were already in Malaya by the year 1955;LANGUAGES;EDUCATION; RELIGIONS and the Malay's SPECIAL RIGHTS and the SULTAN SPECIAL POSITIONs.

THESE,again were and are HISTORICAL FACTS,some are written,some are mutual understanding at that
time,some are unwritten understandings...

So,the MALAYS have to always ASSERT themselves,time and time again to ensure that their INTERESTS are ASSURED and PROTECTED
,just like what the Chinese NGOs,(Hua Zong,Chinese Chambers of Commerces,etc),the Indian NGOs(Hindraf,Sangam,etc)are doing for their own race..!!!

or you would rather want to see the MALAYS be like the ABO in Australia??or the RED INDIANS in the US or the sons of soil of the
South Americas..??or the Africans in the South Africa during the APARTHEID regime..???
Then you will DEFINITELY SEE
another AWARENESS rise of the MALAYS,like you see in some parts of the world currently.......


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Thanks for sharing this link, but unfortunately it seems to be offline... Does anybody have a mirror or another source? Please answer to my post if you do!

I would appreciate if a staff member here at kmlimguaneng.blogspot.com could post it.


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Do you want to know who the murdering lawyers of Datuk Sosilwati + 3 others + 5 more are ?

1. Pathmanabhan a/l Nalliannen
2. Surendren a/l Nalliannen

Check it out at the Bar Council website under Disciplnary Orders for Nov 2009

Justice 4 Victims of the Murdering Lawyers

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Awesome web site, I had not come across kmlimguaneng.blogspot.com before in my searches!
Continue the good work!

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meifangling said...

Dear PR leaders,
On behalf of the people in Sibu, I would like to list out all the issues that are needed to be addressed and you tell the people under the BN government, it is impossible for them to undo the bad practices and why. Please do not waste time on the issue like whether non Muslim could use the term ‘Allah’. Be focused on the issues that affect the livelihood of people in general.
Please touch on the topic on corruption and collusion in general and give as many specific examples as possible. Tell the people how the policy allowing the foreigner trawlers to plunder in Sarawak waters have affected the livelihood of fishermen and resulted in price hike on the high quality fish like silver pomfret, black pomfret, red snapper, white snappers and so on. Who benefits most in this policy? It is due to corruption and collusion that foreigner trawlers find easy access to get the licence to plunder in our waters. Some fishing boats are said to have dual licence.
How poorly the BN government manages education. It is a curse to allow such an extensive privatisation to take place for higher education. How can people expect quality education in terms of learning environment, teaching staff, hostel, other facilities and the like as the kinds of national universities that we can find in other countries like Australia, New Zealand, America, England, Taiwan and the like. They have really big campus to nurture students. Our higher education has become too commercialised and profit-oriented to nurture the young. Imagine an internal examination for one subject is RM500 to RM1000!!!! I wonder what kind of examination it is. Most private colleges or universities as far as I know seldom encourage students to buy textbooks and the handouts are scanned with very very small-sized wording. I really feel disheartened to see such poor quality of education. We people are at the mercy of the political clowns /thugs who formulated the policy for privatisation of our higher education in such an extensive way. Compare the number of national universities and colleges with privates ones to see in quality, % and number. Check the situation in Taiwan and other countries and see.
Though there is PTPTN loan to take advantage of but it is a big amount of money (about RM48,000 – 50,000) to pay at the end of the day. How much do you think a graduate can earn in Sibu and other places in Malaysia? Hence on behalf of the people, we plead for at least 50% of subsidisation for all private higher education. Otherwise I see PTPTN loan is a trap to rope in the helpless students. Alamak! What a curse! What a pity! What a shame when education has become so profit-oriented.

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Labahua said...

What is history? To define it to my best knowledge, it is a record of facts and facts and facts....... of the significant happenings in the past which are worthy of rememberance hoping to get the lessons and wisdom from it. There should not be altered at all for the sake of any interest group, especially the hegemony ruling party at their pleasure. The history subject should be able to tell the truths, not lies. Can the ruling party do it in unbiased way? If yes, how are you going to tell us what caused 513 in 1969 and how this bloody occurence took place honestly and without any prejudice? Truth is truth. So 'open it up' and tell us, Malaysians and the whole-wide world what it was and it is. Don't lie anymore like the Japanese who massacred the people in Nanking, China, during WWII. It is an open secret to everybody. The more you deny, the more people condemn the brutal act. Admit it and apologise. We people will let go of the bloody past committed by these barbaric leaders.

Labahua said...

Nowsdays even married women have to go out of home to struggle for a living for the well-being and welfare of their families. What a shame to hear that UMNO leaders often bring up the issue of Malay's privileges not knowing it has gained such notorious connotation meaning to sit there holding a pen to scribble to get commission in thousands, millions or even billions without any effort. In the name of Malay, these UMNO leaders just exploit the term to their advantage. We people collectively should request them to reveal their property under their and their family members' names.