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Cost of shipping crude soaring

Postmedia News December 19, 2010

The cost of delivering Middle East crude to Asia, the world's busiest route for supertankers shipping two million-barrel cargoes of crude, jumped the most in a month as ship demand rose before year-end holidays. Charter rates for very large crude carriers, or VLCCs, on the benchmark Saudi Arabia-to-Japan route climbed 6.2 per cent to 56.15 Worldscale points, according to the London-based Baltic Exchange. Returns jumped 33 per cent to $12,369 US a day and have now added 62 per cent in two sessions. Oil companies have yet to find ships for the "vast majority" of their January cargoes, E.A. Gibson Shipbrokers Ltd. said in a report. Owners "will be quick to take advantage" of strengthening pre-holiday demand, it said.

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Need someone to verify this mail. Just recieved this mail from friend. If this is indeed true, then God help the non-muslim/malay food industries!!!!!!!!!!

“What is becoming of Malaysia ? The nightmare is evolving and those caught in it are mainly the Chinese and Indians, and perhaps multinational corp with operations in M’sia. I feel sad to receive this email.

Its so sad and what a terrible economic and commercial tragedy that hard working, honest, dedicated entrepreneur like your goodself has to face such kind of rulings in the food business.

It must also been horrific and financially disastrous that Dato
Jackson ‘s Sliverbird factory is forced to close down under such heart breaking circumstances.

I know about the IKEA’s restaurant’s shut down because of the so-called question on the alleged foodstuff halal certification.

May the mercy and compassion of God Almighty be upon 1Malayasia !!
God help this country !!

On Fri, Oct 8, 2010 at 9:56 AM, Sani Ong wrote:

Dr.Martin, The Halal Hype that is going on in our country will force many SMIs involved in food production and distribution to close shop. JAKIM has muscled its way to make itself the Monopoly of the Halal certificate. In April 2011 the Halal Act will be passed by Parliament where only Jakim has the monopoly to issue the certificate.

Each certificate cost about RM1000 and with 2000 line items in my company I will have to foot out RM2,000,000 and that is if I am lucky to get all those approved. I might as well close down my business and retrench all the 60 staff with some 100 odd dependents.

The Government will be deprived of some RM800,000 worth of taxes and duties. The Food standard will definitely decline as chefs will have less ingredients to work with. The Halal procedures will increase the food cost by 10%. JAKIM does
not care for the economy of the country. All it cares for is its rice bowl to ensure that it is relevant and seen to be working hard.

Look at the way it closed down IKEA for two weeks. Look at the way it closed down Silverbird in Nilai. It does not care for the business environment in this country.

Even mineral water has halal logo. Eventually all vegetable, fish, grains, rice, etc will need halal logo. Eventually all Muslims will not touch all non Muslims if the Halal fever is allowed to spread. Even Saudi Arabia is not as strict as Jakim. I have suppliers who could sell their products into Saudi Arabia but not in Malaysia .

80% of the food industry is run by Non Malays. One of the criteria to obtain the Halal Certificate for restaurants is to employ Malaysian Muslim. If you do not have any Malaysian Muslim in your restaurant you will not be issued with a Halal certificate.
Where are we heading???? “