Tanah KTMB di Singapura


Anonymous said...

Lagu terbaik untuk renungan bersama.Lagu ini bukan milik satu kaum tapi milik Nangsa Malaysia.Ayuh kita pertahan dan pertingkatkan hak warisan kita

meifangling said...

Hello Mr Lim,
Regarding PTPTN loan lending to the students having tertiary education, did you know that it is a blatantly bad practice of the BN government? Did you know that it is a typical collusion between the ministers signing the MOU and the entrepreneurs running the private colleges and universities? Did you know that it is the curse of privatisation widely exploited by Dr. M? Did you know it is blatant exploitation and plundering on our students? Did you know that our students have to pay RM 48,000 – RM 50,000 or more for the tuition fee? Besides, they have to pay RM500 – RM 1000 for a single exam paper they sit for. I often wonder if the exam questions are set on ‘gold’ paper.
Check around if they have proper textbooks or just photostated copies all through the course.

Ng…… now you are Chief Minister of Penang and you seem to have forgotten your roles to re-establish democracy, meaning to create more people-friendly environment for the well-being and welfare of the people. But nowadays you act more like an accomplice of the BN government as far as chasing the students for PTPTN loan is concerned. Look, you seem to indulge in the very bad practice of the BN government when you adopt such a stringent action to chase for PTPTN loan.

The education property of Malaysians have been sold out by our corrupt, greedy and bloody political clowns. Our students are exploited and at the mercy of these foreign run colleges and universities as a result. Who is the beneficiary in the process?

We expect PR (Pakatan Rakyat ) coalition to undo lots and lots of bad practices of the BN government. But……………..

meifangling said...

Dear PR leaders,
On behalf of the people in Sibu, I would like to list out all the issues that are needed to be addressed and you tell the people under the BN government, it is impossible for them to undo the bad practices and why. Please do not waste time on the issue like whether non Muslim could use the term ‘Allah’. Be focused on the issues that affect the livelihood of people in general.
Please touch on the topic on corruption and collusion in general and give as many specific examples as possible. Tell the people how the policy allowing the foreigner trawlers to plunder in Sarawak waters have affected the livelihood of fishermen and resulted in price hike on the high quality fish like silver pomfret, black pomfret, red snapper, white snappers and so on. Who benefits most in this policy? It is due to corruption and collusion that foreigner trawlers find easy access to get the licence to plunder in our waters. Some fishing boats are said to have dual licence.
How poorly the BN government manages education. It is a curse to allow such an extensive privatisation to take place for higher education. How can people expect quality education in terms of learning environment, teaching staff, hostel, other facilities and the like as the kinds of national universities that we can find in other countries like Australia, New Zealand, America, England, Taiwan and the like. They have really big campus to nurture students. Our higher education has become too commercialised and profit-oriented to nurture the young. Imagine an internal examination for one subject is RM500 to RM1000!!!! I wonder what kind of examination it is. Most private colleges or universities as far as I know seldom encourage students to buy textbooks and the handouts are scanned with very very small-sized wording. I really feel disheartened to see such poor quality of education. We people are at the mercy of the political clowns /thugs who formulated the policy for privatisation of our higher education in such an extensive way. Compare the number of national universities and colleges with privates ones to see in quality, % and number. Check the situation in Taiwan and other countries and see.
Though there is PTPTN loan to take advantage of but it is a big amount of money (about RM48,000 – 50,000) to pay at the end of the day. How much do you think a graduate can earn in Sibu and other places in Malaysia? Hence on behalf of the people, we plead for at least 50% of subsidisation for all private higher education. Otherwise I see PTPTN loan is a trap to rope in the helpless students. Alamak! What a curse! What a pity! What a shame when education has become so profit-oriented.

meifangling said...

Hello friends,
Beware of yourselves not to be hypnosised by the bad practices of the BN government. Always check the rationality of the issue before giving your support. I must say I deeply appreciate all the efforts of the PR coalition to countercheck the BN government, otherwise we would face even worse situations. But I hope you people can be more organised and sensible in all your undertakings.