Guan Eng stumped over agreement to pay RM33.18 million advance to IJM

GEORGE TOWN (Sept 29, 2008) : Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng said today he was confused by the former state government’s agreement to give RM33.18 million as “advance payment in the form of a loan” to IJM Corp Bhd for the Jelutong Expressway project.

Lim told reporters he was curious why the state had decided to give the amount in a 1997 agreement when it had already given IJM land for the project which cost RM672.2 million .

“In addition to giving land, the state has to give an advance. It does not make sense,” he told a press conference at Komtar here.

Lim said his confusion was compounded by the fact that IJM also owed the state RM24.1 million for payment of the 132ha land, which is supposed to be settled only after the state had given the advance of RM33.18 million.

“I don’t understand why they can’t settle both payments by contra,” he said when asked to comment on the non-payment by IJM to the state.

Lim said he needed to get more information from state government officers.

He noted that the state was supposed to give the RM33.18 million in stages over over five years from 2005.

Meanwhile, on MCA vice-president Datuk Donald Lim Siang Chai’s call for Gerakan and MCA to merge, Lim said such a merger would only be cosmetic if the policies of the Barisan Nasional (BN) did not change.

“The problem is not Gerakan or MCA, the problem is the BN.” he said.

He also noted Gerakan acting president Tan Sri Dr Koh Tsu Koon’s statement that 60% of the party’s members were inclined to leave the BN.

“If 60% of the members want to the leave, why are they still stuck in the BN?” he asked.

“If they want a leader who doesn’t listen to their views, I wish them luck!," he added.



Anonymous said...

terlalu banyak urusan hanky-panky yang terjadi apabila melibatkan projek-projek kerajaan negeri pulau pinang,ketika waktu BN memerintah,contohnya seperti projek PORR,apabila ada di-beritakan(hear say) bahawa syarikat ahmad ismail telah di beri tanah milik kerajaan negeri(di lokasi-lokasi strategik di kawasan pulau)seluas 75 hectar sebagai ganti rugi di atas kelewatan projek PORR tersebut.


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Unknown said...

Good Day YB..


Sila tandatangan surat protes untuk mendesak kerajaan agar segera membebaskan Raja Petra Kamaruddin dan semua tahanan ISA lainnya.

Sila KLIK DI SINI untuk menandatangani surat tersebut.



Anonymous said...


March 08, BN promises included the upgrading of two sepak takraw courts located behind Seberang Jaya basketball court and between Block L1 and L2, Tengirri.


They were raised 4 inches above ground level and at a cost of RM40,000, i.e. RM20,000 each! Not only that, but the courts become dangerous because they created narrow ledges around the courts and does do not allow any playing space. The ADUN for Sbg Jaya don't play sepak takraw for sure. You still want him?

Remember NASA from Bota Kanan (or is it Kiri?) Anwar should know better by now. Karpal isn't joking about it. We are not joking about it either. Please read this and take it seroiusly.

Also read STAR about the rombongan taking a boat ride about Sg Pinang. A statement from one of the officials suggested that it will require a multi-million ringgit program to rehabilitate the 2km stretch.

Where did this 'genius' come from? Sg. Pinang's woes has a humble beginning and it starts from the catchment source which is the birthplace of the stormwater trail.

Every drain from each home, wash and waste water drain without grease and domestic rubbish trap from each coffeeshop or restuarant or mamak nasi kandar,

every factory or industrial site without waste water treatment plant or solid waste and chemical treatment plant from each factory or industrial site,

and you have to install very large open type stormwater solid pollutant traps along stormwater drains and junctions of every stream or river tributaries,

and eventually barrage type solid rubbish traps for rivers.

The second part deals with distribution ponds and effective micro treatment to rehabilitate rivers, from each succeeding levels, i.e. class 5 to class 4, to class 3 and then class 2B or 2A.

Then try very hard to educate the masses.

I remember very clearly the howls and grumbles against Koh Tsu Khoon's administration and BN, when RM20million was spent for beautify the every spot the rombongan visited. YOU WANT A REPEAT OF THE SPUPIDITY! go ahead. We will make sure you pay dearly for insulting our intelligence.

It has been more than slightly a year since PKR came to power, and DAP's (LGE becoming CM) administration in Penang. "Gua tze anak Penang and Hokkien lang", and I value changes. BN has made and will make it miserable for PKR led states. They will starve them from all the resources for growth.
Similarly, Pak Lah is anak Penang and not Hokkien lang like me, and he has only made empty promises. He has shown his true colors, going by what was said by the Ex-president of GERAKAN, YBhg. Datuk Seri Dr. LK Yaik, "UMNO treats its component partners like beggars!"
He has become the most 'tak malu yang tak tau erti maruah' who has the cheek to say that he is PM for every rakyat Malaysia.

Will I go to jail for my honest and,...but true to my rationalization, ...opinion?

Getting to the gist, Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim has decided to put his foot down on nonsense, and get to work. Cut the politics! Set objectives, get on the planning and see to the implementation.

MB Utaz Azizan of Kedah is pushing very hard to ensure that something from NCER materialize.

Too bad for Nizar, but that man has good things coming his way.

You have done good, and to be better, you have to bring forth the might of the Penangnites. By this I mean "why don't you give them the test by inviting them to participate in development through private funding initiatives" for stalled projects.

In my raw approach, "SCREW FEDERAL" - Beggars' Nationalist.

Hope that H'ng blogger get to read about river rehab which is directly related to beach pollution which led to the Batu Feringgi eviction of the roadside traders. If that H'ng blogger wants the truth, please go check out the facts by self inspection.

The rows of gerai about 60 of them along the road is the direct contributor of gross pollutants ranging from waste water, food scraps, cooking oils and grease, dirt, ash, butts, tissue and servettes thorwn into the stormwater drains located directed behind the gerai. It serves as toilets and bathrooms. It is also habitat for rats, snakes and mosquitoes. Ultimately it the DEN for bad excuses. H'ng loves all that. Poor bloke, does not know where his sympathy is headed!

Jeyaraj Shankar said...

Hi YB Lim,

Hopefully, this message reaches you personally.

Regardless of what your detractors are saying, I think you are doing a great job, taking into consideration the scope of your job & the delicate balance of power between the component parties of PR (not unlike the BN of the present !).

I've received an article from my circle of friends which I would like to bring to your attention. I hope it gives you some ideas to address the core issues faced by the Indians, who are no less Malaysians than you or any Malay or Chinese. It is the lack of affirmative action to tackle these problems that have made the majority of M'sian Indians to lose confidence with the MIC (And brought about the rise of HINDRAF), except for those who stand to benefit from those still in power.

Sort these problems out, & I guarantee you that the M'sian Indians will stand firm behind PR.
If you have already come across this, I apologize.

"74 percent of the Indians (1,295,775 out of a total population of all races of 23,135,685 – year 2000 census) live in the 5 states controlled by the Pakatan Government (AT LEAST TILL Perak fell into a Limbo) and the Federal Territory of KL. Let me suggest a few things that the Pakatan State government should begin doing now so that it will be a win–win situation for the marginalized Indians and the PR governments:

1) Knowing that primary education is Primary, the PR State Governments in all these states should draw up a comprehensive plan to bolster this part of the system. Many of the social ills befalling the Indian community can be traced back to the failure of this Primary education system. This is a priority area.

As a first step, allocate land to all the Primary schools in the state that are not on their own land or are in very confined spaces. This is well within the authority of the Pakatan Governments.

This can prepare the way for a revamp of the Primary School system for the marginalized poor. The state government should get off the mindset that the federal government holds the purse strings in education and therefore they have to wait to get federal government cooperation before they can move on this rather serious issue.

This will all surely take a little time and maybe while this is being done the BN government may not want to be outdone.

2) The Pakatan State governments can begin setting up appropriate Citizens groups (NGOs) to begin understanding the many social issues that invariably exist within marginalized groups to determine what needs to be done and then to draw up plans to address them.

There was a recent report that 100,000 Indian youths are involved in some criminal activity (reported by the erstwhile BN Human Resources Minister). The year 2000 census shows a total of 234,000 male Indian youths in the age group of 15 to 29 years. This means 40% of the Indian male youth are at risk. That is almost one in two. This is a very serious problem.
Think what happens when they become parents in their turn. Think how this problem will multiply. So, who is going to address this problem if it continues to languish because of the racial mindset in everything? This is a significant opportunity for Pakatan to live out its Electoral promise of a New Dawn.

3) The State Governments should allocate resources to deal with the Citizenship registration issues of this group of citizens. Resources can be applied by the PR State Governments to locate and to resolve the problems.

The problem with the birth certificates and ICs is a problem of poverty, ignorance, mistaken beliefs, attitudes, practices of customary marriages, out of wedlock births, child runaways, broken homes and such issues that directly are caused by poverty, deprivation and abandonment.

To top it all off, the Government Bureaucracy does not provide one iota of assistance to help these people regain their lost rights. The mindsets at the counters in the various Pendaftaran offices are that the applicants deserve the problem they find themselves in. They should have done it right in the first place, but did not, so whose fault is it. Anyway they are of Indian ethnic origin – pendatang, never mind.

Plus, the procedures for correcting this situation are so complicated, that even the strong among us can be brought to our knees. What of these people.

The PR State Governments should allocate resources to this effort - start a publicity campaign, identify the people with such problems, help them to meet all the documentation requirements and then work through the bureaucracy to finally resolve the issues and get these people what is their right.

4) The State Governments should allocate affordable housing for those in dire need of such housing. The State Government sponsored NGOs can be assigned to identify and work with the respective Administrative units to appropriately allocate low cost housing units to those in true need. There apparently are low cost housing projects with one or two room units available – but few people seem to know about this.
All of this can be readily and easily addressed by the Pakatan Governments.

5) Small business help can be provided to create employment opportunities for the poor and marginalized. These include providing micro credit to purchase the basic tools of some trade, providing some licences, maybe identifying spaces and providing for such other basic needs of people in these situations.

These could include training programs in the conduct of business or training in some skills that can create a viable and sustainable income. A Government of the people should take all this seriously and start on some program like this.

6) Training programs to develop employable skills can be initiated for the 18 – 25 group as special programs for the groups at risk. Skills that will help them realize their human potential. There are agencies that can be recruited to advise the Governments on such programs. There is plenty that has already been done for the Bumiputra community in this area; similar efforts need to be instituted for the marginalized Indian poor.

It is time that something comprehensive like all of this is attempted so that the Indian poor and marginalized can see that they are equal citizens of Malaysia, so they can regain their pride and position in our country. Also this will certainly make them feel they were right in supporting the Pakatan Government in these 5 states. The attempts to address the issues must be sincere, not piecemeal but comprehensive.

The issue is National in character and must not be argued away as a narrow racial issue, as I see being done often whenever this problem is raised. This is what the aggrieved Indians are looking for immediately. All other social and political reforms that are needed only come after.
So, Pakatan Government, what are you waiting for? "

Anonymous said...

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